694 Aquidneck Ave. Polo Center,, Middletown, RI, 02842 
401-848-5111 / 401-848-5112
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Reviewed by: pattiberzon04 on: 2018/9/6 6:37:03
second time i have tried them and actually worse than the first!
Reviewed by: pattiberzon04 on: 2018/1/4 4:07:38
awful awful
Reviewed by: cooperray70 on: 2016-08-29
3 of us had boring tasteless meals!!! The atmosphere stunk , the workers looked unprofessional! And won't return there ever, gross food!!!
Reviewed by: heymikie33 on: 2016-05-22
This is the best Chinese food on Aquidneck island and has had a fantastic standard since I first started eating it around 2000. I recommend it to everyone.
Reviewed by: aelang386 on: 2015-03-14
the food was very tasety. nice staff, we were very satified
Reviewed by: scuba_den on: 2013-05-03
Best Asian food anywhere!!! Love it!!! Great people, great food....
Reviewed by: Sailtress1 on: 2013-03-28
Reviewed by: Brtnylyn on: 2013-02-26
Delicious food!
Reviewed by: grammie_lu on: 2012-10-05
I've been going here for a very long time. The food is great, service and delivery is fast. Highly recommend this restaurant.
Reviewed by: cpower on: 2012-10-01
My bosses and I go here religiously every Monday for lunch and they are fabulous! They even altered some lunch specials to be gluten free since one of us has a gluten allergy! I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.
Reviewed by: cavan99.cm on: 2012-09-29
Been going for a long time, The woman at the counter is fast efficient personable love the hot fresh
Reviewed by: amoniz1 on: 2012-08-18
Love this restaurant !! Our family eats here sometimes several times a week !!
Reviewed by: stephenbmurphtyjr on: 2012-07-06
the best Chinese restaurant in rhode island the only place i know that make fried rice with brown rice the best food any were
Reviewed by: b1gd316 on: 2012-03-28
Best Chinese food in R.I.!!
Reviewed by: Jumme_W on: 2011-11-08
Reviewed by: allisonS on: 2011-11-06
I like this restaurant mainly for the food, the most IMPORTANT part of a food establishment, the place is nicely put together the employees are respectful and nice, a good place to dine for most occasions, nice buffet bar to get you in ...?
Reviewed by: allisonS on: 2011-11-06
This is a pretty good place to get chinese food. They have the basic and typical chinese dishes you are looking for.
Reviewed by: mrkayb on: 2011-11-06
excellent food! great service! lightning fast and they cook to order and customer specified orders!
Reviewed by: Eric2dan on: 2011-11-01
Their lunch specials are awesome!

Ming Moon Chinese Restaurant

Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence)